How to use the Bikini Designer......

Using the drop down menu under the Bikini Designer tab you can build the basics of your bikini step by step.

The information that you MUST add to your cart....

  • Your top style and size.

  • Your top AND knicker connector choices if you are having them.

  • Your level of crystal cover.


Don't worry about the specific design of your bikini as we contact all of our clients individually to discuss the specific colours and design you want.


You also do not need to worry about the knickers as we discuss which style you would like when we go over the specific design. We will take your hip and waist measurements 4-6 weeks out from your competition and we ask that you email us with these measurements. Please note that it is not for us to chase you for these measurements.


Each top choice has its own measurement table, please make sure you measure accurately and choose the correct size.


If you have any queries at all please contact us