Plain - £75+

0.25ct Shine -  £225+

0.50ct Shine - £275+

0.75ct Shine - £325+

1ct Shine - £375+

The shine levels refer to the level of crystal coverage. 0,25 is 1/4 coverage, 0.50 is 1/2 coverage, 0.75 is 3/4 coverage and 1 is full coverage.

We use the sparkliest Czech glass crystals on our bikinis however we are happy to use Swarovski if requested at an extra cost, Dependent on the design and coverage you are looking at an extra £50 - £200 for Swarovski crystals.




We also offer shoe blinging. Please DM us via our instagram page to discuss this service. Prices range from £50 - £125 dependent on coverage and shoe style.

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